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One for the Christian blogosphere.

From Don Whitney’s “Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life”:

“An old adage says that thoughts disentangle themselves when passed through the lips and across the fingertips [Amen! {“Amen!” mine}]. While reading makes a full man, and dialogue makes a ready man, according to Francis Bacon, writing makes and exact man [italics his {obnoxious interjections mine}].”

I read this book in six days. That isn’t because I’m a quick reader. I’m average to a little above, but strategic, goal oriented. This book was that enjoyable to me.

This quote summarizes the reason that my good friend Erik over at Irish Calvinist urged me to begin blogging. He has been thoroughly correct. I believe all my fellow Christian bloggers can agree.

You’re an exact bunch, the lot of you. <([{italics mine, this time}])>

Bracket that.


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Hear ye, hear ye!

Hey folks, don’t look now but our dear friend the Irish Calvinist is getting some serious pub over at challies.com. For those who are not informed about the world of serious Christian blogging, it’s kind of a big deal, or something….

Check this link out:

Challies Dot Com :: Putting The Fun In Fundamentalism




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Getting all misty-eyed and retrospective.

Hey, folks! I’m sure you’ve noticed a few changes around here, and there are a few more to come! Please take note of the gospel presentation titled “Restore the Image!” (Hint: click on the picture, top-right!) It’s really making it even more fun for me to blog as I have some additional sense of ownership. I’ve also noticed an upward trend in visits since I dedicated myself to posting on a consistent basis.

A few thoughts on the benefits of blogging:

1.) Writing definitely sharpens the mind and helps one to develop one’s thoughts. Somebody suggested writing for myself some time ago (probably the Irish Calvinist). It just felt weird, like practicing a speech in the mirror. Besides the great view, it lacked context for me.

2.) Seeing visits to the sight is a reminder that there are those out there who actually use their recreational time on their spiritual growth. Being part of that is a good thing.

3.) Engaging in any practice of spiritual discipline is easier and more natural when in a rhythym, and harder when you procrastinate. You’re either in a positive spiral or a negative spiral.

4.) It is good to reflect on the larger picture of Christianity in the world. Being holed up in your own church all the time causes lack of perspective. As good as your church may be, never going outside for fresh air results in getting stale.

I look forward also to some less-is-more style blogging, i.e. the Earth-shattering Axiom of the Day. Don’t worry, I’ll still blather away, too.

Some things never change.


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To blog or not to blog? That is the question…

For my initial entry into the blogosphere, I have to confess that I am really not crazy about blogging. Maybe this is because at my ripe old age, I am increasingly resistant to change. Posting my thoughts on things and then hoping that people find me interesting enough to keep checking in seems like an invitation to humiliation. Then again, the web log format has become a major way in which people, particularly young people, circulate ideas. At some level it even seems to serve the function of critical reading for many.My reticence to blog is overcome by the realization that it can be a major vehicle for edifying the saints, as well as helping me to sharpen my own mind and develop my own thinking through writing.

That said, I’m pretty excited to see how this works out. I jhope that this becomes a way for readers to put theology and current events togther on a regular basis. I hope that it becaomes a place to see who’s thinking and who isn’t. If it works out great, then praise God. If it bombs, blame the Irish Calvinist.

More to come.

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