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Warren pushes blogger over the edge.

Rick Warren: How can you let yourself be used like a cheap pair of sunglasses?

For some time I have been reserved in my opinions about Rick Warren and the doctrinally -thin-yet-wildly-popular “Purpose Driven Life,” but I recently learned something that has absolutely pushed me over the edge. On December 1st, this year, Barack Obama will be addressing Warren’s church at their AIDS conference on World AIDS Day.

This is the error of the ecumenical movement at its finest: unity at the expense of the Truth. Because both parties agree that there must be something done about AIDS, Warren will allow a politician who supports legalized abortion and same sex marriage to share his pulpit.


As if that weren’t bad enough, anyone who follows contemporary politics knows that the Democratic Party is gagging for the vote of the Christian right and is constantly maneuvering to accomplish this. Partnering with such a major figure in Christian culture maut be seen as a major coup and a prelude to a broader move.

Warren is either naive or doesn’t care. Probably it is the latter, and that is far worse. Deciding how to work with the world is decidedly tricky, but pairing with a pro-abortion Obama is for too much for me to stomach.

You know, a long time ago the pulpit was used mostly for PREACHING THE WORD! (1 Tim 2:4). Imagine that.

I hope that at least before he goes forward with his unholy union, rick Warren will manage to clearly convey the gospel to this man, which is more that he could manage in “Purpose Driven Life.” But based on what I have personally heard, and the reports of those I know who have attended his church, this is unlikely to happen.


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