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Dessication is desolation

Don Whitney was our guest at Omaha Bible Church last weekend. As expected, he dispensed wisdom of the subject of spiritual disciplines. One thing he said that I appreciated was that the spiritual disciplines had to be easy. Referring to 1 Cor 1:26 “For consider your calling, brethren, that there were not many wise according to the flesh, not many not many noble;” he pointed out that given God’s preference of the worldly weak, He was bound to make the was to relate to Him simple. I think that was of great encouragement to many in the audience that had struggled with their disciplines.

What i really enjoyed was the afternoon session. Addressed to pastors, Whitney outlined the risks of engaging in spiritual disciplines quite a lot. He noted how many of the students he has seen in seminary have lost their way and ended up out of ministry, for a variety of reasons. Studying the Bible a lot can result in losing the power and transcendence of God’s Word. Praying regularly can result in mechanical and empty petitions. He challenged us to work hard at keeping our devotions productive, to be on guard against spiritual dryness. In Whitney’s words we must “beware the barrenness of business.” In other words, don’t let ministry be the reason your ministry fails.


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One for the Christian blogosphere.

From Don Whitney’s “Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life”:

“An old adage says that thoughts disentangle themselves when passed through the lips and across the fingertips [Amen! {“Amen!” mine}]. While reading makes a full man, and dialogue makes a ready man, according to Francis Bacon, writing makes and exact man [italics his {obnoxious interjections mine}].”

I read this book in six days. That isn’t because I’m a quick reader. I’m average to a little above, but strategic, goal oriented. This book was that enjoyable to me.

This quote summarizes the reason that my good friend Erik over at Irish Calvinist urged me to begin blogging. He has been thoroughly correct. I believe all my fellow Christian bloggers can agree.

You’re an exact bunch, the lot of you. <([{italics mine, this time}])>

Bracket that.

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