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Preach it ML-J!

Here are some timely words from one of my favorite saints of recent Christianity: Martyn Lloyd-Jones:

It is being said the chief need of the Church today is to repent because of its lack of unity…We would suggest that before she repents of her disunity, she must repent of her apostasy.” (Quoted by Arturo Azurdia III in his book “Spirit Empowered Preaching”)

In light of the recent visit of Luis Palau to our metro area, I came across these words and found them to summarize my feelings very well. Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones fought against a spirit of undiscerning, false unity some 50 years ago at a time when our modern day dilemma was just getting going. Lloyd-Jones resisted and even personally confronted Billy Graham as a major supporter of the early ecumenical movement. He was ignored by Graham, but I still find his courage inspirational.

Preach it ML-J!


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Open wolf’s mouth, insert head.

After reading an article in today’s paper, I came away with the conviction that the Catholic Church is a wolf, sometimes in sheep’s clothing, and Luis Palau wants to invite the wolf over for lunch.

Here in Omaha, we are bracing for Luis Palau’s traveling show to touch down this weekend, the 14th-15th at the Qwest Center. In my previous post “Let’s get together…or not.” I was critical of Palau for welcoming Catholics. They teach a false gospel, based on works and governed by the Church. It has been opposed to the death for centuries by the Reformers and their theological offspring. Yet Palau invites them to come, offers them space to distribute literature, and now I learn that Palau welcomes local archbishop Elden Curtiss to give the opening prayer. Curtiss gave a glowing reccomendation to Palau some time ago, so now it seems that they will partner directly.

In today’s paper there was an article in which the current pope, Benedict XVI, confirmed the official position of the Catholic Church regarding Protestants: that they are at best second-class Christians and that anything we do that is correct is essentially on loan from them. Protestants, to the Church, are red-headed step-children.

I already knew this to be the Cotholic Church’s official position, but it kindles my ire that Luis Palau is so willing to hold hands with the wolf. Did he learn nothing from ECT (Evangelicals and Catholics Together)? During that process, initiated by evangelicals to find common ground with Catholics, the Catholic Church conceded ZERO doctrinal issues. The evangelicals, however, made the wording of many of their doctrinal positions vague so as to be more inclusive, to smear the line of division.

Wolf eat sheep.

Wolves do not compromise. Sheep bring the knife and fork.

Catholics should laugh at evangelicals for what a mess we have made of ourselves since the Reformation. Luis Palau, you are providing them with more material.

Though they are wrong, at least they have stuck to their convictions while they watch the rebellion spin out of control. What Luis Palau is doing is the natural extension of error that started with Billy Graham. Graham compromised the distictives of the gospel in order to reach a larger audience. Soon he saw Catholics as partners rather than partners in evangelism. In the end, Graham’s theology followed his message. he is now unwilling to say for sure that ANYONE (Muslims, for example) will go to Hell.

Palau barely preaches the gospel, by his own profession. He says he is most interested in getting people to go to church. Any church, I guess. He should be ashamed that one man I know loves Him to death, says he loves Jesus, and yet refuses to discuss SCRIPTURE when he’s asked who this Jesus is. This is directly a product of Palau’s making. He will not tell this man who Jesus is, any further than he already knows (or doesn’t know), and Palau is comfortable with that.

So if you are intending to attend this weekend, I hope that you will have your ears tuned for discernment. Listen not only to what is said, but what is NOT said. I pray that the wolf will not have its day.


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Lets get together…or not.

Some fodder from the Omaha World Herald today: Seems that Luis Palau, internationally known evangelist is coming to town next year for a couple of days, and people are pretty excited about it.

Palau’s visit will be promoted by a wide variety of local churches, liberal and conservative alike. A key endorsement comes from Archbishop Elden Curtiss of the local catholic archdiocese. A professor at Creighton University, a local Jesuit school, says that this level of cooperation is rare for the Omaha area. promise Keepers has been here before, but they did not draw nearly so broad an audience.

So is this a good thing? Pretty much, no. Take my word for it that a detailed list of local participating churches indicates significant theological differnces, especially between catholics and protestants. But here’s the issue: theology and doctrine don’t matter much to most professing Christians.

The ideas of Billy Graham are echoed by Palau, in that we start with what we have in common and go forward from there. Bad idea. So what if we all “believe” in Jesus when our ideas of who Jesus is are dramatically different, let alone what it means to “believe.” Truth is being sacrificed on the altar of unity.

Doctrine is of colossal importance. I will not fellowship with anyone who will steal glory from Christ’s once-for-all sacrifice for sins by throwing their own filthy “good works” (Is 64:6) into the ring, anymore than I will fellowship with anyone who views Christ as a good example(Matt 16:13-16), or one legitimate choice among many(14:6). These beliefs are an insult to the gospel and their adherents are accursed (Gal 1:9).

“Do not be bound together with unbelievers; for what partnership have righteousness and lawlessness, or what fellowship has light with darkness? Or what harmony has Christ with Belial, or what has a believer in common with an unbeliever?” (2 Cor 6:14-15)

It is a sad comment on this day and age that some many can completely drop and sense of discernment. There is no public unity without spiritual unity.

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